BFI 2017 When printing becomes as easy as sharing

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The headline of this year’s Business Forum Imaging „ moving beyond the limits “, couldn’t be chosen any better.

Although this statement deals primarily with changes on the market, which is driven thru new innovative participants, who until a few years ago never dealt with the subject “Pictures” before.
Therefore, the title of the conference can perhaps also be understood as a wake-up call for many established market players.

At least this how di support understands the message and di support focused on the subject “printing beyond the limits”.
As an essential reaction for the current and as well future challenges on the market, di support introduced for the very first time to a greater audience its new Cloud Print Hub, which will simplify and improve the connection to print services.
The Cloud Print Hub will be used as a platform, which connects consumers with retailers and online print services. To simplify the production and pick-up of prints and photo products in the retail sector, the first prototype of a very innovative, intelligence and modular Print-System named PrintCube, has been introduced.


di support print Cube

Ralph Naruhn, CEO of di support GmbH, referred in detail during his presentation “How we inspire customers for photo prints”, how actually great the situation for the Imaging industry currently is – especially on the side of outputs/prints.

Due to daily use of smartphones, not only more and more people are inspired of photography, also the fascination of printed pictures is increasing again. This is proven by the success of trend products like the instax instant cameras, but as well with the growing demand of prints and photo products of smartphone images. To create thereout a sustainable mass market, the access to print services needs to be simplified.
Within his presentation, Ralph Naruhn introduced which steps are necessary to simplify the process of printing images as same as sharing them; what single supplier can contribute and where the cooperation of the whole industry is needed.