di support Celebrates 20 Years of Magic Moments

Eschborn, 6th of January 2021

On September 15th, 2000, the company was founded, which is now known as di support GmbH.
di support is one of the most innovative companies in the field of digital imaging and offers a leading product portfolio for product personalization. The core business is solutions for the instant printing of photos and gift items. The company is growing dynamically and is constantly expanding its offering especially for smartphone users. The guiding principle of “startup atmosphere with many years of experience and family culture” is lived at di support.

di support also includes the Polish subsidiary di support pl. Sp z o.o. The Research & Software Development Team is responsible for software, development and QA and is based in the charming city of Poznan, Poland.

Ralph Naruhn, co-founder and managing director, remembers the beginning: “My co-founder Werner and I were still students at the time and started our idea in my student apartment. So, it wasn’t the classic garage, but it wasn’t much more opulent. I was thrilled by the advent of digital photography and the endless new possibilities that come with it. And that was at a time when you used your phone to make phone calls, not to text and take pictures. Even after so many years, there are always great new possibilities around digital images. While it took almost two centuries to make it from analogue to digital photography, it took less than two decades for the smartphone to replace the digital camera. Thanks to the continuous technical development of hardware and software, the digital image has become more and more our daily companion.”

The managing directors Ralph Naruhn (CEO) and Matthias Linhart (CFO) had imagined the year 2020 quite differently, especially since it had started very promisingly. Then Corona changed everything, and no one had any idea what challenges 2020 would face. For many companies, COVID-19 has significantly disrupted the plans and measures had to be taken early to counteract this situation. Ralph Naruhn and Matthias Linhart would also like to express their gratitude to the team in Germany and Poland. Together, they have done everything possible to master the business under the difficult conditions. di support wanted to celebrate 20 YEARS Of DI SUPPORT together – with both locations. Now, however, is not time to celebrate an anniversary. The joint celebration is postponed and a date in 2021 is firmly planned. Even though 2020 has been a global crisis year, di support is looking positively to the future.

Due to the overall situation surrounding Corona, other entrepreneurial charitable activities were initially put on the back burner. Nevertheless, it is a matter of heart for the managing directors of the di support group of companies not to neglect the private commitment for years, but rather to draw attention here as private individuals to the importance of supporting non-profit organizations.

di support Managing Director Matthias Linhart: “I have been supporting the organization for over 10 years: https://www.strahlemaennchen.de/ . Even though the issue of Corona accompanies us around the clock in the media, it is particularly important to me not to forget the fates caused by other diseases. There are super committed organizations and people behind them who invest their hearts and souls every day for these hard fates. In addition to my ongoing support, I have been happy to support the organization with a unique special service due to our 20th anniversary. Dear strahlemaennchen-Team, thank you for your commitment to shining a ray on the affected children in sometimes hopeless situations“.

“It goes without saying that we can continue our commitment even in challenging times like the Corona pandemic”, says Ralph Naruhn. “Corporate responsibility is the foundation of all business. That is why I have always believed that we, as entrepreneurs, have a special responsibility towards third parties. Over the past few years, my family and I have supported various charities. In the anniversary year of
di support, we support the Frankfurter Tafel e.V. as well as Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. with special contributions.
” explains Ralph Naruhn.

The company is looking forward to more than 20 years of support and can look back on a successful company history. With dedicated employees, well-known customers as well as great partnerships and exciting projects.

In order to stay on track successfully, our drivers of success are the foresight for innovation as well as long-term relationships with our customers and business partners. We are looking forward to more exciting years in di support’s history” says Ralph Naruhn, co-founder and managing director of support.

“We have reached the 20th anniversary because we have always been able to adapt very quickly to the constantly changing market. Our strong position in the market is mainly due to our courage in making groundbreaking business decisions” says Matthias Linhart, Managing Director di support.

On this basis, di support sees itself very well equipped for the future. di support has always been careful to position itself flexibly and to see change as an opportunity. It remains the case that the people are in the foreground if one wants to succeed.



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About di support GmbH:

di support is one of Europe’s fastest growing digital imaging software companies. Founded in 2000 with headquarters in Frankfurt / Main Eschborn (Germany), di support offers a leading product portfolio for product personalization. di support enables top retailers, e-commerce businesses, developers and brands around the globe to successfully bring an unlimited variety of personalized photo and print products under their own names.

Together with its customers, the company has brought about great changes in various markets and today, in more than 55 million orders, transforms around 1.45 billion files into magical products and moments for consumers around the world each year. With the slogan “technologies for magic moments” di support applies this aspiration to itself and its products. The company’s goal is to develop technologies that make digital recordings such as photos and videos a new in an impressive way.


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