Mobile Photo Connect 2017

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From October 24th to 25th, the leading mobile imaging industry conference Mobile Photo Connect 2017 took place in San Francisco (USA). Once again di support was a sponsor of this event.

A central theme in the various panel discussions of the Mobile Photo Connect 2017, was the changed user behavior and its impact on the possibilities of monetization by the latest mobile imaging technologies.

Especially, the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) makes it possible to gain more and more information from images. This makes it possible to organize large amounts of data more efficiently and create completely new services.

We have once again seen the Mobile Photo Connect 2017 as a platform for exchange with innovative companies from around the world. di support is now looking forward to the upcoming year, in which many of the new technologies are moving into new products from us.

At this point, the next important Imaging Conference is already calling – BFI (Business Forum Imaging) on the 28th of February 2018