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The platform is the heart of our entire multi-channel system for product personalisation. It combines mobile clients (apps), online services with kiosk systems and print solutions at the POS as well as digital laboratories and printing works.

Monitoring made easy

Individual analyses

Monitor your sales and growth, find out why and where you are losing customers,
analyse customer behaviour to optimise your services.

Customer growth38%
Sales increase62%
Satisfied customers100%

and orders

Quick check of daily, weekly and monthly reports.
Understand which products are in demand and see an increase in sales.

Individual product portfolio

A large choice of products for production at POS as well as in the laboratory
and printing works is available. Alternatively, new products can also be designed.

Marketing campaigns for maximum growth

Cross- und Upselling


Advertising campaigns and promotion management

Find products and make enquiries

G6 Order Manager

Manage orders at POS

Order management at POS by touchscreen. Orders can be easily managed and assigned to different output devices using this locally installed solution.

Great features

Intuitive touchscreen operation

Order search

and order control

Order repetition

partially or completely

Kiosk printer support

Dye sublimation and inkjet

Large format printer


Laser printer




Order routing

at photo labs

More information

Little effort, large gains

Cloud Print Hub

A game changer is coming


Thanks to the Cloud Print Hub, future smartphone and internet users can send print jobs to retailers, photo labs and digital printing works in the easiest way possible – all as part of a global network.

Want to monetize your app?

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