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Eschborn, 09/20/2018

Only a few months ago, di support presented the PrintCube® to the world. At photokina, the di support team is once again traveling to Cologne with some spectacular new products and wants to set new standards. The instant printing and many new trendy lifestyle products are the focus of di support at photokina. In hall 4.2, aisle D # 020, di support will again present some world premieres and inventions.

Ralph Naruhn, CEO of di support GmbH, in anticipation of photokina; “We can promise visitors at our stand that it will be no less exciting than in March this year during the world premiere of the PrintCube®. Much of what has been in development for some time will finally be seen by the public. We’re going to show FAST, BEAUTIFUL and completely NEW things in the field of instant printing.”

Even if details haven’t yet been announced, you can look forward to many highlights from different product areas at di support. The PrintCube® will receive a sibling with another printer as its interior. Likewise, further accessories for the PrintCube® can be expected, which will further increase the possibilities and the fun of the instant print. Both for the order route via smartphone and via the kiosk terminal, many intelligent software innovations are expected, which will continue to decrease the users. The new instant print lifestyle product range from pixolo will increase greatly and promises to be much faster and more beautiful. Products that have so far only been produced with relatively high time and labor input can now be completed by the customer and taken home directly.


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